Hello everyone! Yary Diaz here! I am the Real Estate Broker/Owner of DiMero Realty Group in
the DFW area! My journey in the real estate world has been an exhilarating and rewarding
In 2007, my husband (Italian) and I (Puerto Rican) decided to make DFW our home. We are
proud owners of properties in Puerto Rico, Milan (Italy), and right here in the DFW area. Our
passion for real estate led us to start investing in DFW as early as 2008, and now we have built
a remarkable portfolio of rental properties.My husband takes charge of managing and
overseeing our rental property portfolio, ensuring optimal returns for our investments. On the
other hand, as a Real Estate Broker, my primary focus is helping others to invest wisely and
achieve their real estate goals.
My expertise lies in residential properties, and I have had the privilege of assisting numerous
first-time home buyers in finding their dream homes. I have also helped families purchase
second homes as a means of generating extra income. Furthermore, I have guided home
sellers through successful transactions. But my services don’t stop there! I have experience in
diverse areas such as helping buyers acquire land, exploring alternative properties like mobile
homes, and even delving into the exciting realm of ranches and commercial properties.
I speak fluently in Spanish and Italian, enabling me to connect with clients from diverse
My success in this field has been built upon positive referrals, a
testament to the satisfaction of my clients.

My ultimate goal is to become your lifelong resource for ALL YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS!


Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time. We are here to assist you, answer your questions,
and make your real estate dreams a reality.